Prepare your child for the future of Self-Directed Learning

Instead of giving away solutions or solving problems for your child, is there anything else you can offer to get them ready for the real world? How can you prepare your child to further cope with the ever-changing demand of today's economy?

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Learn smarter, not just harder

We believe that self-directed learning is the answer. A higher level of self-directed learning skill allows your child to learn smarter. by providing an environment to encourage such skills, your child may find the expressway to achieve academic and career success.

Learn smarter and harder

It's easier than you think, if you find the key to it

These skills can be fostered with the right approach. Your children will benefit from self-directed learning even when entering into the real world. You will see them adapt and adjust. Their ability to pick up new know-hows empowers them to be more competitive and valuable in the labour market.

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Snapask is the third sphere1 to groom your child's self-directed learning for future needs

Self-directed learning is one of the most important competencies. Empower your child’s motivated learning with step-by-step guidance, and equip them with problem-solving and critical thinking skills for the future.

1 First sphere being the classroom environment in both schools and tuition centres; second sphere being home environment

How to help your child to be self-directed?

Snapask can help, and you can too. Take this 3-minute survey to know how your child learns, and get useful parenting tips to encourage them specifically!

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We know how to catch the tide

Snapask has been working with academic institutions and public sectors to unfold the core value of self-directed learning. Read more about what we think of it and what we found to develop this vital ability.

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