Gift of Knowledge, Curiosity & Time

Knowledge is the best gift for learning

Toys, games, gadgets... Children eventually outgrow them.

Materialistic gifts provide temporary pleasure, but as parents, we want something meaningful for our children.

Knowledge and tools to attain knowledge are impactful gifts as they continue their education and even when they step into the real world.
Curiosity to inspire learning

When children's curiosity is piqued, it puts their brains into a heightened state to absorb and retain information.

Good teachers and tutors nurture interests and inspire exploration. Curiosity is fundamental to learning.
Time is important for homework & revision

Time is a finite resource.

When your child can independently clear their doubts on their homework, they can have more time to explore their interests or hobbies such as arts, sports and more.

With a comprehensive educational experience, we can have more time and freedom. As parents, we can spend more time doing activities outside of academic with our child when they have self-directed learning skill.
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Spread The Joy Of Gifting To Your Loved Ones

Parents from different walks of life, come together to pour out their true feelings about their kids and for their future. In these trying times, where a lot of things are uncertain, gift not only yourself, but your kids the gift of Knowledge, Curiosity and Time.

A gift for every child

All parents want the best for their children, however, not all of them can afford to. Some parents are hit even harder than others due to Covid-19. Household income of poor families in Singapore fell 69% in 2020 (The Straits Times, 2021). To extend our help to students in need of learning support, we have partnered with Singapore Children’s Society. Snapask will match your cash donation with our study credits, for students to ask questions about their homework. We believe all children should have equal educational opportunity, no matter their background. Make a difference now by clicking on the button to find out more and donate via Children’s Society’s crowdfunding platform Give2Children.

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